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A New Excise Tax Filing Solution for Small Business


Client Success Guarantee

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Reduced Complexity for Easy Adoption and Use

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Proven flexibility to effectively meet business growth needs

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Reliable Reporting that Supports Audit Defense

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We End Frustration with Tobacco Tax and Motor Fuel Tax Reporting and Data Reconciliation while Increasing Your ROI

Reduce Data Preparation Time and Costs

You won’t be bogged down with sorting through data and ensuring accuracy. Our solutions have mechanisms in place to do this work for you.

End-to-End Compliance Solution with Audit Defense

With IGEN’s technology, you can track a transaction from its introduction as a flat record through to its presentation on the schedule. The trail makes your data more transparent and easier to understand making you more prepared for unexpected inquiries.

Client Success Guarantee

We believe the IGEN products will improve data-driven business needs so much that we offer each client a Client Success Guarantee.

Scalable to Meet Business Growth Needs

We can handle multiple data sources so as you acquire business or other organization’s data solutions, we can adapt to you.

Reduced Complexity for Easy Adoption and Use

Our process technology allows the tax department to control the process with little or no intervention from outside teams. Our widget technology provides a visual map of the processes making it easier to follow and understand.

IGEN Solutions

Tax Determination Engine

IGEN’s Determination tool allows for a transaction to be evaluated based upon origin, destination, product, and other key factors needed to identify and calculate all applicable taxes, fees, discounts and exemptions.

Data Reconciliation

Data Recon is a valuable tool for anyone who has a complex reconciliation process. A reconciliation process compares two sets of data to find inconsistencies.

Tax Preparation and Filing

The IGEN Tax Preparation engine allows for completeness and accuracy in motor fuel tax reporting and filing. Our developers understand that up to 80 percent of tax compliance reporting is dedicated to data research and validation.

License Management System

IGEN License Management System The IGEN License Management System (LMS) was developed for companies that desire to hold and manage customer and corporate licenses.  These licenses are utilized in the determination and reporting of taxes and having them accurate is important because improper licensing information can result in unwanted tax liabilities or even the suspension or revocation of the seller’s license. The IGEN LMS provides the following capabilities: Store and manage certificate images Retrieve and look up certs by license…

Tobacco Compliance

IGEN understands that tobacco products are one of the most highly regulated –and most heavily taxed — products in the United States.  With high regulation comes stricter determination and compliance needs for all tobacco products including cigarettes, cigars, moist snuff, and vapor/e-cigarettes. IGEN Tobacco Determination and Compliance users realize many benefits. More accurate tobacco tax determination as well as compliance filing and reporting Reduced IT/Consulting dependencies Personalized support Data transparency Long-term solutions scalable for business growth Contact us to learn…

Coming Soon! RapidFile

          For companies who need to complete their excise tax filings, but do not need a huge (aka…expensive) software system, we are offering a new solution.  RapidFile powered by IGEN is a new web-based solution designed to help you complete your excise tax filings. Based on the technology behind IGEN’s core product solutions, RapidFile allows small to medium size business to consolidate their filing data and create electronic or signature-ready filings. Why RapidFile Simplified Tax Filing…

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The IGEN tool can handle a lot of different scenarios, which can be added as they come up making it easier on my team.

Pilot Flying J

Our compliance and reconciliation processes are now in one place, IGEN, where we can maintain our own system and troubleshoot any issues ourselves. With our previous solution we relied heavily on outside consultants and our IT group, whose timing was outside of our control.


We went from 12 states in mid-2013 to 44 states, DC, and Canada today. This could not have been accomplished without the power of the IGEN software along with the expertise and knowledge of the IGEN team. The customer service I have experienced with IGEN is something I have never seen before. They have provided my team with an around-the-clock presence to answer our questions and help us through the process.

U.S. Oil

Meet our Management team

Steve Smith

Chief Architect

Steve Smith is the Chief Architect and co- founders of IGEN. Steve has worked in the oil and gas software industry since 1997 and has worked with many of the major oil and gas companies such as Shell, BP, Chevron and others. Steve has over 40 years in the IT industry and has worked at many major corporations in the Utilities, Banking, Manufacturing and Oil and Gas industries and was also at Microsoft in the early 1990s. He was also the Chief Architect and co-founder of ZyTax.

scott kraft

Scott Kraft

General Manager

Scott Kraft is the General Manager of IGEN, and his main role is to ensure everyone is focused on the appropriate tasks to meet IGEN’s strategic and financial goals. He worked as a software developer for many years and then moved into IT consulting and business development. Scott interacts with our clients frequently ensuring they are getting the most value and best experience possible with our products and people.

Bill Schroeder

Director of Development

Bill Schroeder ensures the execution of the company’s mission through the design, develop and deployment of the company’s products. Additionally, he leads the planning, monitoring and eliciting of the IGEN suite of tools, including translating and simplifying the requirements into a complete, yet, concise format for the development team.

Connie Hames

Director of Training and Implementation

Connie Hames directs all client training, implementation and client support. She has a B.S. in Mathematics Education with a minor in Computer Science Education and is an adjunct instructor at a local university. She spent five years teaching at the high school level and later entered the business world as a software developer working for an organization that provided EFile for income tax returns. Connie interacts with clients daily through her role with implementations and status meetings.

Kurt Pigeon

Director of Electronic Filing and Forms

Kurt Pigeon is responsible for how each IGEN client return is electronically generated and formatted for each jurisdiction. Kurt has worked in the Oil and Gas software industry since 2014 and he has nearly 30 years of experience within the information technology industry including retail and insurance business sectors.  When he isn’t doing cool things with motor fuel taxes, you’ll find Kurt outdoors, most likely fishing or hunting.

technology in 2019

5 New Year’s Resolutions for the Excise Tax Professional

It’s that time of year again where we reflect on the months gone by and look to the new year ahead.  In addition to the cliché resolutions of losing weight and getting organized, we recommend setting a few professional resolutions to get your year started on a productive note. Here are 5 resolutions to add to your 2019 list Install Tax Software Updates Maybe you have been putting off a system upgrade or migrating to a new version of a…

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airplane in flight

IGEN Brings Tax Compliance Technology to Delta Air Lines

Deal Highlight the Importance of Tax Compliance Across Transportation Sectors GREEN BAY, Wis. –IGEN Fuels, LLC. One of the leading software developers for the motor fuel taxation space, has added Delta Air Lines to its client portfolio. Delta is utilizing IGEN’s tax compliance and matching technology to improve management of excise tax filing and data needs. “Leaders in all areas of transportation are realizing the importance of accurate data,” says Scott Kraft, general manager of IGEN. “As organizations continue to…

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2018 IGEN User Forum

We’re excited for our 2nd annual User Forum! Registration is open for our event, which will occur Oct. 14-16. Agenda details are still being finalized, but our event will include: introduction to new IGEN features, industry discussions, training opportunities, and an event at Lambeau Field. To get more details about the training opportunities available, please connect with our business development team at 888.998.4483 or sales@igentax.com. A room block as been established at the Hampton Inn Green Bay Downtown.  Please mention…

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Sweet Home Alabama

Alabama Mandates New Electronic Filing Security. Can Your Motor Fuel Excise Tax Software Keep Up with Security Changes? 

Alabama mandated a new security level for all electronically submitted filings. All systems must utilize TLS 1.2 to successfully submit a filing to the Yellowhammer state.  “This is the first time we have seen a jurisdiction be this proactive with their data security,” says Kurt Pigeon, director of returns and quality assurance for IGEN. “We anticipate other jurisdictions will follow suit with their data security requirements.”  Given the public outcry after major data breeches, companies and organizations are upping their…

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IGEN Certified for Michigan XML Returns

Current IGEN clients who file in Michigan will need to begin using the XML file format for their July 2018 filings. The State of Michigan has approved IGEN as a software provider of XML electronic returns.  The approved XML file formats include Supplier, Terminal Operator, Carrier, Blender, Importer, Exporter and Transporter returns.  IGEN clients who wish to use the Michigan XML in a test or production environment need to reach out to support@igentax.com to coordinate the appropriate software update.

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Frequently Asked Questions About IGEN Enterprise Software

The staff at IGEN has compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions regarding our enterprise software solution.  We believe in empowering our users with relevant information that can help them with their day-to-day tasks.  If you have any questions about the information below or topics not covered by this post, please contact us at support@igentax.com. How do I get tax rate updates? Tax Rates are maintained by IGEN.  If IGEN has access to your tax rates tables, we…

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IGEN Expands its Return Library with Alternative Fuel Returns

Today, IGEN announces the expansion of its motor fuel tax return library.  As the motor fuel industry looks toward alternative fuels, IGEN has been approved to add the following alternative fuel returns. Kentucky 72A161 Liquified Petroleum Gas Dealer Monthly Report Montana MF-11LPG Liquefied Petroleum Gas Dealer Tax Return Montana MF-11NG Compressed Natural Gas Dealer Tax Return Nebraska Form 83 Nebraska Ethanol and Biodiesel Producers Report Nebraska Form 87 Nebraska Motor Fuels Terminal Operator Report Nevada MC072 CNG/LPG/LNG Dealer Tax Return…

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5 Challenges to Multiple Software Implementation and How to Overcome Them

Organizations cannot operate without some sort of software product. Whether it is a full back-office ERP system or something less complex, software helps complete our functional tasks. As with any tool, there are times where it needs to be re-evaluated and even replaced. However, with the speed of change, you may need to implement multiple pieces of software while keeping your business operating. Implementing multiple pieces of software simultaneously has challenges, but it’s not impossible. In fact, depending on the…

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Avoiding Shortfalls: Why Customer Service Matters More in Technology

Can you name something in your life that has been unaffected by technology in the last 10 years? Perhaps – but it’s not an easy question to answer.  Technology has become such a huge part of daily life that most people can’t imagine getting through a day without it.   There are any number of widely accepted websites, apps and services to do everything from managing personal relationships to everyday things like managing your grocery list – probably from the local…

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Unknown Data Structures Provide Challenge and Opportunity for Growth

As a Director of Development for IGEN, I’m privileged to lead a team of software developers in the metamorphous of our product solutions. One of the major topics our team addresses is accounting for unknown data structures. For many in our field, working with known data structures is the norm—hard coding from a “from” source to a “destination” is how many programs work. We have embraced the unknown and it has helped enhance our product capability and provides needed challenges…

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IGEN was started by a group of like-minded folks who had one goal in mind: Make motor fuel excise tax software that meets all the needs of the tax departments. With over 60 years of combined experience of creating, implementing, and supporting motor fuel excise tax compliance software, the IGEN team has built a leading-edge system based on three main principles: