The Importance of Funding Our Roads and Transportation Infrastructure

Our roads are suffering.

Motor fuel taxes pay for the building, maintenance and administration of our transportation infrastructure, yet this method is proving ineffective. This article is the beginning of a series on the benefits of having a strong transportation infrastructure system, the problems paying for it and potential solutions.

Why is it important to have a strong and well-maintained transportation system?

A new report from the U.S. Public Interest Research Group Education Fund [U.S. PIRG Education Fund] and Frontier Group finds that drivers currently pay less than half the total cost of roads and argues that while increasing gas taxes could fill the shortfall, it would leave other problems unaddressed.
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How technology is affecting the energy world

The oil and gas industry is a large part of our everyday world. With the demand for fuel that has been generated by the advent of the motor vehicle, more and more emphasis has been placed on alternative energy resources and vehicles. Electric vehicles have been on the outer edge for decades, but with new companies and technologies in the past few years, the interest and emphasis on them has expanded.

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Thomson Reuters Partners with IGEN to Make Tax Simple for Oil & Gas Companies

NEW YORK – Thomson Reuters has announced a partnership with IGEN, provider of a leading motor fuel excise tax compliance solution, to simplify and automate the highly-complex U.S. motor fuel excise tax compliance process as part of a broader strategy to meet the needs of oil and gas companies. The partnership combines the strength of Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE, an industry-leading global corporate tax technology platform that enables tax compliance and reporting in over 190 countries, with the comprehensive U.S. motor fuel excise tax compliance and reporting capabilities of IGEN.

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Will the Gas Tax Become Extinct?

Imagine a government-mandated device that tracks where you are and every mile you travel. It has already appeared in our lifetime.

A vehicle miles traveled fee program (VMT) offers just that. The benefit of a VMT tax compared to the gas tax is it applies to vehicles powered by gasoline, diesel and alternative fuel, including electric vehicles (EV). Realistically, a VMT tax would act as either a supplement or replacement of the gas tax, which is slowly losing its ability to fund infrastructure due to fuel-efficient vehicles and a lack of tax reform.

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