Chris Roy

Chris is our Excise Tax Subject Matter Expert. He has 20 years of excise tax experience from the State of Wisconsin as an auditor specializing in tobacco.

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Resource: Tobacco & Vape

Resources for Tobacco and Vape Tax Filers

Explore jurisdiction filing requirements for excise tax compliance, see the tax rates for your state, and read up on legislation.

Tobacco & Cigarette Tax by State

Tobacco & cigarette tax by state

Compare the current tobacco and cigarette tax by state, find out which state has the highest tax rate, and learn more about what those tax revenues are commonly used for.

Tobacco & Vape Excise Taxation

[Comprehensive Guide] Tobacco & Vape Excise Taxation

Check out this guide about excise taxation in two highly regulated industries, licensing, and much more.


Challenges of Maintaining and Preparing Data in Tobacco

Excise tax preparation in the tobacco industry presents unique challenges. We discuss some challenges, offer insights, and provide strategic recommendations to navigate this intricate landscape successfully.


New Vape Law E-Cigarette Regulations & Compliance

Here’s our overview of The Preventing Online Sales of E-Cigarettes to Children Act. From the basics requirements of the recent vape law to next steps online sellers can take towards compliance with quick how-to instructions.

Latest Legislation Bills

Legislative Bills Introduced Affecting the Tobacco & Vapor Industry

Read up on the latest legislative bills that have been introduced that could impact the tobacco and vapor industry.

Details & Impacts of the Cigar Cap and Remote Sellers Legislation

Details & Impacts of the Cigar Cap and Remote Sellers Legislation

Learn more about the latest legislation impacting the tobacco industry and what tax teams need to be aware of.


Demystifying Compliance for Vapor Products with TMA

Our tax team breaks down the new vape requirements. From PACT Act 101 to an overview of requirements, impacts on vape DTC, what you need to do, and to whom you can turn.


Tax on top of tax: understanding excise & sales tax for tobacco & vape

Our tobacco tax experts and former state auditors, Chris Roy and Jeanne Thompson, will join Sovos' Daniel Kostrzewa to discuss the challenges tobacco and vape companies face in their excise and sales tax compliance processes.