Hiring tax talent: best practices you can apply today

What you'll learn:

Our VP of Operations and Innovation, Nick Milledge, joins Sovos' Colleen Schlagel to discuss best practices in hiring tax talent and methods you can apply today:

Impact of Workforce Fluctuations - How talent gaps lead to loss of institutional knowledge, increased risk, and higher costs for tax compliance.

Best Practices in Retaining Staff & the Future of Work - Stop the endless cycle of burnout and turnover in tax with a move toward a more flexible work environment.

Alternative Recruiting & Hiring Methods - Start thinking outside the box when it comes to recruiting top talent for your team.

Augmenting Your Team with Technology - How you can clear the way for your tax team to focus on strategic tax initiatives that drive the business forward.

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Nick Milledge

Nick Milledge
VP of Operations and Innovation