Tax compliance software for tobacco companies

Start automating your tax process and you could save up to 75% of the time it takes to prepare tax data, create cigarette and other tobacco product tax returns, file with jurisdictions and reconcile your transactions.

Excise tax software for tobacco
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We know

Tax teams in tobacco face high risk & costly penalties

Your tax team is likely spending the majority of their time on non-value-added manual tasks, keeping up with product categories and taxation points, and preparing to move to e-file in various jurisdictions. They're burnt out, and your current tax process is strained, leaving you open to increased risk, higher turnover, more audits, and costly fines.

You can

Gain efficiencies through tobacco tax automation

We understand how overwhelming it can be to juggle changes and complexities, loss of tax talent and tribal knowledge from turnover, and increased risks.

There is a better way. Reduce the risk and cost associated with tax automation for tobacco companies.

Our clients have seen:

75% reduction in client filing times

From 40 hours for reconciliation to just 3 hours

2-day processing times, down to 30 minutes

excise tax software efficiency

Hear from our tobacco clients

IGEN is a truly phenomenal company comprised of talented employees with a determination to put the customer first in every situation. This knowledge of taxation, automation, and problem solving makes IGEN the NFL of the tax software world. Out of all the tax solutions available for the excise tax field, IGEN offers a comprehensive solution that helps businesses of all sizes achieve efficiency and accuracy while taking the complexities of tax forms out of the equation. 

President, Global Hookah Distributors

Download now: the ultimate guide to tax automation

Tax automation provides a wealth of opportunities that translate to reduced cost, increased efficiency, and greater revenue. Get started by downloading our Ultimate Guide to Tax Automation.

Automate with our tobacco tax software

Start transforming your tax process with our stand-alone indirect tax solutions designed to solve your biggest pain points through automation. Or put them into action together as a full tax productivity suite customized to your business needs and your industry: vape, fuels, or convenience stores.

Tax determination software

Easily calculate excise, sales, and use taxes in real-time. Connect to your existing back-office system or e-commerce platform. Personalize your tax calculations with user-friendly tools that don't require IT help.

Tax compliance software

Minimize time for data preparation with our unique 3-step automated workflow to ensure accuracy. Reduce filing times by up to 75%. Prepare and manage audits with our audit-defense tools.

Reconciliation software

Say goodbye to the VLOOKUP function and stop searching for the needle in the haystack. Quickly and easily reconcile your data with automated matching and exception reporting.

License management software

Simplify the storage and management of your customer and vendor license information. Ensure you're selling to properly licensed customers and apply the right exemptions to stay in compliance.

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