McLane Chooses IGEN for Tax Compliance

McLane Turns to ComplyIQ, Powered by IGEN, for Tax Compliance

[Green Bay, Wisconsin] – McLane Company, Inc. has selected the tax compliance platform, ComplyIQ™, powered by IGEN, to optimize tobacco excise tax compliance.

IGEN’s platform, ComplyIQ, will optimize excise tax reporting for several hundred monthly reports and license management of thousands of licenses for more than 20 of the distributor’s entities.

ComplyIQ reduces the complexity and risk of regulatory compliance, creating end-to-end automation, and empowering companies to do more with less. Through repeatable workflow management and state-of-the-art data tools, it can reduce time to prepare and file returns and PACT reports by up to 75%. It also leverages hundreds of sources that will help McLane improve the license management lifecycle and is expected to save their sales team thousands of hours per year in license maintenance, along with improving customer experience.

"Our vision has been to empower our clients with the most comprehensive platform and deep expertise to solve the complex challenges of tax compliance. We are looking forward to working with a great client partner like McLane on their digital transformation journey and allow them to streamline compliance operations and focus on revenue growth,” said Ryan Padget, President at IGEN.

“A major factor in our decision to choose IGEN was their expertise in the market. McLane files in nearly every taxing jurisdiction and every product category across tobacco. The breadth of IGEN’s platform, the focus on customer support, and the investment as a strategic partner are projected to make a significant impact on our operations,” said Chad Rice, Chief Financial Officer, McLane.


About IGEN

IGEN is a leading tax compliance software company committed to empowering businesses and tax teams with a user-friendly, powerful platform for navigating complex tax regulations and mitigating risk across the business.

About McLane

Founded in 1894, McLane Company Inc. is one of the largest distributors in America, serving convenience stores, mass merchants, and chain restaurants. As an industry-leading partner to the biggest retail and restaurant businesses, McLane buys, sells, delivers, and serves the world’s most beloved brands. With headquarters in Temple, Texas, McLane has more than 80 distribution centers across the country, employs more than 24,000 teammates, and delivers to nearly every zip code in the US. McLane is a wholly owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, Inc.