Motor Fuel License Center (MFLC), a leading source of data for oil and gas companies to automate fuel tax compliance, announced its welcoming of the opportunity to work with HF Sinclair Corporation (HF Sinclair). HF Sinclair has a strong marketing presence and is leveraging the cloud-based excise tax software to enhance and scale their growing indirect tax reporting operations.

As a leading integrated downstream petroleum and renewable fuels company, HF Sinclair endures exposure to continuous and challenging compliance demands across the country. HF Sinclair utilizes the tax compliance platform from MF License Center to improve tax return filing by more efficiently and accurately sourcing tax licenses. In addition to saving time and cost, the company reduces risk exposure, eliminates manual processes, and streamlines tax operations.

About Motor Fuel License Center

Motor Fuel License Center (MFLC), now acquired by IGEN, helps companies source data to automate fuel tax compliance. Its cloud-based software solves a well-known gap in tax compliance for oil and gas companies. As a single data source for preloaded license content, the platform complements any tax software to complete tax determination, return preparation, and reporting compliance. Learn more about IGEN.

About HF Sinclair Corporation

HF Sinclair Corporation, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is an independent energy company that produces and markets high-value light products such as gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel, renewable diesel, and other specialty products. HF Sinclair owns and operates refineries located in Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Wyoming, Washington and Utah and markets its refined products in 19 states, principally in the Southwest U.S., the Rocky Mountains extending into the Pacific Northwest, and in other neighboring Plains states. HF Sinclair supplies high-quality fuels to more than 1,300 Sinclair-branded stations and licenses the use of the Sinclair brand at more than 300 additional locations throughout the country. In addition, subsidiaries of HF Sinclair produce and market base oils and other specialized lubricants in the U.S., Canada, and the Netherlands and export products to more than 80 countries. Through its subsidiaries, HF Sinclair produces renewable diesel at two of its facilities in Wyoming.

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