Become an instant expert on taxing vapor products

Taxing ENDS (vapor products, e-cigarettes, even components sold separately from the solution, etc.) is complicated. Get informed with our guide to calculating and collecting tax on vapor products.

We dive into how vapor products are taxed, review the risks your business faces when taxing vapor products, and break down the costs and resources you'll need to build your own vape tax calculator.

Free download: "The Realities of Taxing Vapor Products"

This guide is for you if:

You're overwhelmed by the complexities of calculating taxes on your vapor products

You've been wondering if your products are really subject to tax

You want to be sure that you're taxing the right products, at the right tax rate

You're not sure if you should build your own tax calculation system or use a software provider

This guide is NOT for you if:

You're a retailer that doesn't ship out of state

You want information on reporting taxes, submitting state returns, and remitting tax revenue (see our other vape resources for help on those topics)

Free vape tax guide - covering these topics:

  • How Vapor Products Are Taxed
  • Calculating Taxes
  • Are You Eating Taxes?
  • Risk When Taxing Vapor Products
  • How Can You Avoid Eating Taxes and Mitigate Risk?
  • Build Your Own Vape Tax Calculator: Cost & Resource Estimate
  • 3 Simple Questions to Test Your Home-Grown Tax Determination System
  • How to Evaluate Software Providers
  • Creative Options
Realities of Taxing Vapor Products

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