Demystifying vapor tax compliance

What you'll learn:

Our tax team breaks down the new vape requirements. From PACT Act 101 to an overview of requirements, impacts on vape DTC, what you need to do, and to whom you can turn. We help to lift the compliance fog.

IGEN Speakers

Nick Milledge

Nick Milledge
VP of Operations & Innovation

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Chris Roy
Excise Tax Subject Matter Expert

Automate taxation & filing for vapor products

IGEN is powered by industry experts and experienced partners that understand the impact the recent Preventing Online Sales of E-Cigarettes to Children Act has on your business.

We know how to turn this challenge into a competitive advantage if you act now. Choosing to do nothing will lead to product seizure, stop business orders, and inclusion on the Federal PACT non-compliant list.

Selecting the right solution partner gives you the edge to continue business with minimal interruptions, move at the speed of business and rapidly comply with new regulation, and claim market share from competitors who do not.

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