Announcing ComplyIQ

The compliance landscape is becoming increasingly complex. With growing regulatory demands, our clients needed a platform to solve challenges throughout the compliance lifecycle. As a result, IGEN has made significant investments in our solutions and built a comprehensive compliance platform.   

ComplyIQ: Your Platform Across the Compliance Lifecycle

Meet ComplyIQTM: the complete toolkit for reducing redundancy and risk, all while ensuring you have better visibility of tax implications across the organization. Powered by IGEN, ComplyIQ allows our clients to skip the spreadsheets and seamlessly navigate the ever-changing tax compliance landscape with solutions for:  

  • Tracking filings
  • Managing licenses  
  • Preparing tax data  
  • Calculating taxes  
  • Reporting & filing  
  • Reconciling data  
  • Defending audits  

Expanding Beyond Tax into the Compliance Space

IGEN is well recognized as a leader in excise tax compliance, and we’ll continue to advance our best-in-class solutions.  

We recognize that regulatory compliance is a complex and rapidly evolving landscape that carries significant risk, requiring companies to stay ahead of the game. We’re leveraging our deep expertise of regulatory compliance to help companies solve the lack of visibility to the enterprise risk associated with all their compliance obligations.   

That’s why we created the ComplyIQ TaskBoard, an upcoming addition to our compliance platform, to give companies in highly regulated industries complete visibility to their enterprise-wide compliance processes and risk exposure. 

The ComplyIQ TaskBoard combines a dynamic reporting calendar, role-defined task management workflow, and performance dashboard to give you global visibility to all your compliance processes.  

Our initial rollout of the ComplyIQ TaskBoard will have predefined templates for tax compliance in the winter of 2023. Rapid releases of additional compliance templates will follow.  

New Digital Learning Resource Coming Soon

IGEN has always taken pride in providing a world-class client experience. In 2022 we doubled down on our commitment to client experience, appointing a Director of Client Experience, launching the IGEN Client Advisory Board, and now ComplyIQ Academy. 

Our new digital learning resource, ComplyIQ Academy, with interactive and engaging training courses and customized tracks for new and experienced users, partners, and team members, is coming soon. 

Available on-demand, ComplyIQ Academy will empower our users to cultivate the skills they need to fully utilize the platform and customize their compliance processes without advanced technical assistance. Industry-specific learning tracks from our subject matter experts packed with best practices will be the perfect tool for users new to tax and compliance. 

IGEN, a Division of U.S. Venture

IGEN is a division of U.S. Venture, a family-owned business for over 70 years with diversified businesses exceeding $10B in annual revenue. 

US Venture’s ownership gives us the financial backing to speed innovation, access essential resources, and focus on long-term value without the five-to-seven-year turn cycle of private equity ownership or the pressures of short-term results of Venture Capital.

It also means we commit to complete data segregation for our clients. This partnership has enabled us to expand our platform across the compliance lifecycle, providing clients with comprehensive solutions that cover all their compliance needs.  

Learn more about our data security here.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Rest assured that while our look is changing, our dedication to providing exceptional service and quality solutions remains the same. Follow us on this exciting journey as we roll out our new platform and embark on a new chapter in our company’s history. Thank you for your continued support and trust in our team.  

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This analysis is intended for informational purposes only and is not tax advice.  For tax advice, consult your tax adviser. See the full disclaimer here.