About IGEN

IGEN was founded on the promise to Find A Better Way. That promise drives us today to be the very best SaaS platform helping clients in heavily regulated industries solve the complex requirements of compliance and reporting.

Our team members, our client partners, and our community are at the heart of everything we do and shape our guiding principles and core values.


Our core values

Climb together

We work together, grow together, achieve together. We show up.

Bring the extra

Good isn’t good enough. Better can be outdone. Be extraordinary.

Make bold moves

Forge ahead with creativity, forethought, and courageous drive. 

Meet our Client Advisory Board

This year we launched our first Client Advisory Board (CAB), so we can hear directly from clients about our solutions, processes, and the experiences they have with IGEN. To learn more and meet our CAB, click the button below.

Our subject matter experts

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Chris Roy

Chris is our Excise Tax Subject Matter Expert. Formerly a field auditor specializing in tobacco, motor fuel, and alcohol taxes at the State of Wisconsin Department of Revenue, he has over 25 years of experience in excise tax. Chris also served as a national chair of the FTA Tobacco Section and chair of the FTA Tobacco Uniformity Committee.

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Bob Donnellan

Bob Donnellan

Bob is our Motor Fuel Tax Subject Matter Expert. With over 39 years of experience in the oil industry, Bob has been teaching the FTA Basic Motor Fuel training for more than 18 years. He also assisted in the development of the Commonwealth of Virginia Tax Reporting System.

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Jeanne Thompson

Jeanne is our Tobacco Tax Subject Matter Expert. She has over 15 years of experience in tobacco tax and formerly worked in Kentucky doing tobacco tax auditing, inspections and compliance. Jeanne served as a chair member on the FTA Tobacco Uniformity Committee for 6 years, and has been a trainer involved in the FTA Tobacco Advanced class.

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Cole Sturdivant

Cole Sturdivant

Cole is our Motor Fuel Tax Advisor. He has 15 years of experience in motor fuel compliance and tax return preparation nationwide.

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Join our team

Each team member plays a crucial role in our company's success. We pride ourselves in providing a positive work environment that prioritizes work-life balance while nurturing career goals.

Our leadership team

Ryan Padget Headshot

Ryan Padget

Ryan is our president. For nearly 20 years Ryan has been helping clients from the Fortune 100 to emerging businesses achieve business outcomes through software automation with industry leaders Oracle, Infor, Epicor and now IGEN.

Nick Milledge

Nick Milledge

Nick is our VP of Revenue. As a former IGEN user, he knows the ins and outs of implementing tax automation tools. Not to mention his 11 years of oil and gas indirect tax experience.

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Connie Hames

Connie Hames

Connie is our Director of IT. She has a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science Education. Connie has experience in training at both the high school and college level and has been a software developer for over 20 years.

Matt Zeise

Matt Zeise

Matt is our Director of Solutions Development with over 10 years of product management experience. He has been involved in successful integrations of motor fuel compliance software using data feeds from SAP, JD Edwards, Solarc, Petroman, TopTech, and multiple custom-built fuel marketing systems.

Liz Wickman

Liz Wickman

Liz is our Director of Marketing. Leading our B2B marketing strategy, her approach is rooted in the philosophy of inbound and content marketing, ensuring that every campaign tells a compelling story with clarity.

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Nicole (1)

Nicole Wilson

Nicole is our Director of Operations and Client Experience. With her unique background in audit, compliance, project management, and process improvement, she understands the perspectives of our clients and leads our mission to delight them in every interaction. She also keeps the lights on and the wheels turning around here.

Scott Miller

Scott Miller

Scott is our Onboarding Manager. His "think outside the box" mentality and passion for client success has lead to our best-in-class Accelerated Onboarding program, using innovated processes to streamline client experiences across industries.

Matt Schmeisser Headshot

Matt Schmeisser

Matt is our Director of Technology.  He is an MBA tax accountant turned entrepreneur web developer in the oil & gas sector of the energy industry. Additionally, he's the Founder & full-stack developer of the recently acquired Motor Fuel License Center, now LicenseCheck. 

IGEN, a Division of U.S. Venture

Our partnership with U.S. Venture gives us the financial strength and stability to speed innovation and access to essential resources. It also means we commit to complete data segregation for our clients.