Reduce risk and cost with tax compliance software

Tax teams face constant change and high stakes of inaccuracy while being asked to do more with less. IGEN created a tax automation platform so you can reduce the risk and cost associated with excise tax compliance.

Indirect Tax Software
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Automate with the tax compliance platform for YOUR industry

Start transforming your tax process with our stand-alone indirect tax solutions designed to solve your biggest pain points through automation. Or put them into action together as a full tax productivity suite customized to your business needs and your industry. Automate with tax compliance, determination, data recon, and license management.

Fuel, oil & gas

Wouldn't your tax resources be better spent bringing in more collection allowance, minimizing tax penalties and interest expense, facing fewer audits, and focusing on strategic tax initiatives? Hint: The answer is 'yes'. Our suite of tax automation and productivity tools can get you there.

Convenience stores

Convenience store tax teams are challenged to do more with less while regulations increase rapidly, inaccuracies become more costly, and frequent consolidations in the market cause complexities. Meanwhile, hiring and retaining tax talent becomes more difficult and the knowledge gap grows. Reduce the risk and cost associated with excise tax compliance and empower your team to do more through automation.

Tobacco & cigarette

Most tobacco tax departments are seen as a necessary evil and constantly changing requirements don't help. You can be so much more. Our tax automation tools, customized to your business needs, will help you crush those monotonous, repetitive data tasks that take away from strategic tax initiatives.

Vapor products

Leave the uncertainty, hair-pulling frustration, and confusion behind. Don't leave your business open to the risk of product seizure, stop business orders, and inclusion on the Federal PACT non-compliant list. With IGEN, you can turn the challenges of new regulations into a strategic advantage, continue business with minimal interruptions, rapidly comply with new regulations, and gain market share from competitors who do not.

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