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Does your tax compliance feel like a burden? Get out of the weeds and get back to what matters most with the only platform that serves your business across the entire compliance lifecycle. Capitalize on your compliance with IGEN.

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Your complete toolkit for reducing redundancy and risk, all while ensuring you have better visibility of tax implications across the organization.

Excise tax software for fuels


Tax compliance for oil & gas companies

The platform you need to manage your fuel tax compliance lifecycle more efficiently and with complete accuracy.


Tax compliance for convenience stores

One platform to run your entire tax compliance lifecycle, from fuels to tobacco products.

excise tax software for c-stores
Excise tax software for tobacco


Tax compliance for tobacco companies

Automate your tobacco tax compliance with the only platform that services your business across the entire compliance lifecycle.


Tax compliance for e-cigarette & vapor companies

Turn tax compliance into a strategic advantage with one platform to run your entire compliance lifecycle.

Excise Tax Software

Your toolkit across the compliance lifecycle


Managing Licenses

Staying on top of licenses can be a huge burden. Meet your one-stop shop for partner and vendor management.

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If you’re not accurately calculating your taxes, you’ve got a problem. We’ve got you covered.

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Stop spending so much time trying to meet never-ending tax deadlines. Reduce your filing times by up to 75%.

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Are you trying to find the needle in the haystack? Say hello to faster and easier data reconciliation.

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