Motor Fuel License Center (MFLC), a leading source of data for oil and gas companies to automate fuel tax compliance, announced its welcoming of the opportunity to work with Renewable Products Marketing Group (RPMG).

As a producer of high-quality distiller grains and renewables, RPMG is leveraging synergies in motor fuels with MFLC to advance tax filing and reporting for ethanol products. RPMG utilizes MFLC’s cloud-based fuel tax software to more efficiently and accurately source tax licenses for data to improve excise tax filing.

“Tax operations for ethanol producers have different requirements but similarly benefit from automation,” said Matthew Schmeisser, founder, and developer of the platform at MF License Center. “The opportunity to reach new markets in a related industry is exciting, and we’re fortunate to proactively partner with leaders like RPMG.”

RPMG is the latest company to use the fuel tax compliance platform from MFLC for access to centralized license listings from federal, state, and local jurisdictions. The collaboration stands to extend the capabilities of compliance teams at companies that specialize in transacting ethanol-based products and share similar reporting obligations.

About Motor Fuel License Center

Motor Fuel License Center (MFLC), which is now LicenseCheck, powered by IGEN, helps companies source data to automate fuel tax compliance. Its cloud-based software solves a well-known gap in tax compliance for oil and gas companies. As a single data source for preloaded license content, the platform complements any tax software to complete tax determination, return preparation, and reporting compliance. Learn more about IGEN and LicenseCheck.

About Renewable Products Marketing Group

Renewable Products Marketing Group (RPMG) is an ethanol marketing company that consistently provides the most reliable and professional services to plants and consumers. RPMG, Inc. offers plants renewable and sustainable energy solutions, as well as a diversified platform, transparency and strength in volume. For consumers, RPMG supplies consistent and reliable delivery of products along with upfront communication and efficiency. By delivering exemplary service and continuous improvement of systems and technology, clients of RPMG receive extraordinary value for their commitment.