E-Cigarette & Vape Tax Compliance Resources

Written by: Chris Roy

E-cigarette & Vape Tax Compliance Resources

For distributors, wholesalers and manufacturers of e-cigarettes and vapor products, the rush to become compliant with recent regulations can be overwhelming and complex.

That’s why we compiled this list of industry resources.

Explore filing requirements for excise tax compliance, see the tax rates for jurisdictions you sell in, and find industry associations.

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    Federal registration resources

    Register with the federal authorities.

    To register in each state, see the links by jurisdiction below.

    State department of revenue links for filers

    Take a look at jurisdiction websites below. You’ll be able to access forms, form instructions and worksheets for tax on e-cigarettes and vapor products. Apply for a licenses, find out how to file, and see due dates for returns.

    For some jurisdictions websites, registering for vapor products will be located under the tobacco tax section so the links may take you directly to the tobacco section of their website.

    Exclusive Access

    Free E-Course: Building Your Plan for PACT, Licensing & Reporting

    Click here to access three free videos hosted by our president, Ryan Padget, with tax and regulatory attorney Dov Seewald.

    Free E-Course PACT_Licensing_Reporting

    Age verification for vape & e-cig e-commerce

    Comply with the latest age regulations for online sellers of vapor products and e-cigarettes. Here are a few options for online age verification:

    Tax associations

    Stay up-to-date on tax legislation, find resources on filing requirements, and more.

    • Federation of Tax Administrators (FTA) - Organized in 1937, the FTA provides research information to improve the quality of the state tax administration. These types of services include intergovernmental and interstate coordination, training, and research and information exchange.
    • Tax Foundation - The Tax Foundation is the nation's leading independent tax policy nonprofit since 1937. Their goals are to improve lives through tax policies that allow for opportunity and growth.

    Industry associations

    Join industry associations.

    • TMA - Representing tobacco and nicotine, this non-profit source offers its subscribers various conferences, webinars, meetings, publications and more.
    • American Vaping Association - The AVA has the latest updates from legislation regarding vape laws and regulations.
    • Vapor Technology Association - The VTA represents manufacturers, wholesalers, smaller businesses, and entrepreneurs to protect them by ensuring long-term success in the vape industry.

    Industry publications

    • VaporVoice - Provide ENDS distributors, manufactures, wholesalers, and retailers with resources on updated legislation, regulations, product development and news studies.
    • VapingDaily – Showcases the latest updates in the vape industry and all aspects in vape culture in addition to technology updates.
    • VapingPost – Online publication specializing in e-cigarette and vape news since 2011.
    • Vaping360 - Keeps you up to date on the latest vaping regulations, news, studies and more.

    More resources from IGEN

    Tobacco tax information compiled by the FTA

    For more on general state information, tobacco directory by state map, license information, cigarette & tax stamp information, and PACT Act reporting, check out this document complied by the Federation of Tax Administrators.

    This analysis is intended for informational purposes only and is not tax advice.  For tax advice, consult your tax adviser. See the full disclaimer here.