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Tobacco, Vape & E-Cig Forms

Alabama Avenu Avenu Monthly Tobacco Tax Return
Alabama JEN-ACT Monthly Jenkins Act Report
Alabama OTP1 Monthly State Tobacco Tax Return By Tobacco Distributors
Alabama T-WHSLE-CO Wholesaler's Monthly Report of State-Administered County Cigarette Products
Alabama TOB-TTCO-A Monthly County Tobacco Tax Return
Alabama TOB-WHSLE-NR Monthly Non-Resident Wholesaler Tobacco Return
Alabama (Mobile County) MCTT-10 Monthly Report of Wholesale Dealers in Tobacco Products (Mobile County)
Alaska 522 Cigarette and Tobacco Products Monthly Tax Return
Alaska PA-2 State Tobacco/ENDS PACT Act Report
Alaska (Anchorage) 41-011 Cigarette and Tobacco Products Tax Return
Alaska (Anchorage) PACT State Tobacco PACT Act Report
Alaska (Juneau) TETR Tobacco Excise Tax Return
ALGLSCY TCET Tobacco/Cigarette Excise Tax
ALTUSCO OTP-1 Tobacco Tax Return
Arizona 845-OTP Retailer’s Report of Other Tobacco Products Sold
Arizona OTP_Return ALTO OTP Return
Arizona PACT State Tobacco PACT Act Report
Arkansas AR_MT Tobacco Tax Reporting Form
Arkansas CIG-2 Cigarette & Stamp Report
Arkansas CIP-1 Cigarette Papers Excise Tax Return
Arkansas Jenkins Jenkins Act Report of Cigarette Sales
Arkansas NRWR Non-Resident Wholesale Report
Arkansas OTP-1 Other Tobacco Products Excise Tax Return
Arkansas PA-2 PACT Act
Arkansas Qtr_Whslr_Rpt Licensed Wholesaler Quarterly Report 2021
California CDTFA-501-CD Cigarette Distributor's Tax Report
California CDTFA-501-CM Cigarette Manufacturer's Tax Return of Taxable Distributions in CA
California CDTFA-501-CT Tobacco Products Distributor Tax Return
California CDTFA-501-CW Cigarette Wholesaler's Return
California CDTFA-501-TIM Tobacco Products Manufacturer/Importer of Taxable Distributions of Samples in California
California PA-1 PACT Act - Cig
California PA-2 PACT Act - OTP
California PA-3 PACT Act - Vape
Colorado DR0229 Tobacco Products Tax Return
Colorado DR0230 Nicotine Products Tax Return
Colorado DR1786 Retail Delivery Fee Return
Colorado PACT State Tobacco PACT Act Report
Connecticut CT-15A Monthly Tax Stamp and Cigarette Report
Connecticut ECIG-351 ECig Products Tax Return
Connecticut ENDS Connecticut PACT Act ENDS Report
Connecticut OP-300 Tobacco Products Tax Return
Connecticut PA-2 State Tobacco / ENDS PACT Report
Delaware 1075 Non-Resident Wholesale Dealer's Monthly Report of Cigarette and Cigarette Tax Stamps
Delaware PA-2 State Tobacco / ENDS PACT Act Report
Delaware TP-1 Wholesale Dealer's Monthly Report of Other Tobacco Products
District of Columbia FR-1000Q Tobacco Products Excise Quarterly Tax Return
District of Columbia PA-2 State Tobacco / ENDS PACT Act Report
Florida ABT4000A-305 Cigarette Tax Return
Florida ABT4000A-310 Tobacco Products Manufacturer's and Importer's Price List
Florida PA-2 State Tobacco / ENDS PACT Report
Georgia AG-01 Georgia Wholesaler's Monthly Report of Cigarettes Stamp and RYO Tobacco Sold
Georgia GA-Tobacco Georgia Tobacco Return
Georgia PA-1 State Cigarette PACT Act Report
Georgia PA-2 State Tobacco PACT Act Report
Hawaii M-110 Cigarette and Tobacco Products Tax Return
Hawaii M-19 Cigarette and Tobacco Products Monthly Tax Return
Hawaii PA-2 PACT Act
Idaho 1350 Idaho Tobacco Tax Return
Idaho PA-2 State Tobacco / ENDS PACT Act Report
Idaho Stamping Idaho Stamping Agent Quarterly Report
Illinois ANN-AFDVT_SALES State of Illinois Tobacco Product Distributor Affidavit for 2021 Sales
Illinois DIST-1 Distributor Quarterly Report NPM Sales & Inventory Information
Illinois PA-1 Cigarette PACT ACT Report
Illinois PA-2 State Tobacco PACT Act Report
Illinois QTR-NPM_SALES Distributor Quarterly Report of Sales of Non-Participating Manufacturers' Brands
Illinois QTR-PACT Distributor Quarterly Report of PACT Act Transactions
Illinois RC-25 Cigarette Importation Report
Illinois RC-36 Sales of Cigarettes and Little Cigars into Illinois by Manufacturers or Importers
Illinois RC-55 Unstamped Little Cigar Sticks Tax Return
Illinois RC-6-A OOS Cigarette and Little Cigar Revenue Return
Illinois TP1 Tobacco Products Tax Return
Illinois (City of Chicago) PA-2 PACT Act
Illinois (Cook County) OTP Wholesale Tobacco Dealer Other Tobacco and Consumable Products Tax Return
Illinois (Cook County) PA-2 PACT Act
Indiana CIG-M Cigarette Distributor's Monthly Return
Indiana CIG-NRM Non-Resident Cigarette Distributor's Monthly Return
Indiana CIG-RM Resident Cigarette Distributor's Monthly Return
Indiana CT-19 Monthly Report of Cigarettes Stamped and Roll-Your-Own Tobacco Purchased
Indiana OTP-M Other Tobacco Product Distributor's Excise Tax Return
Indiana OTP-PACT Other Tobacco Products PACT Act report
Iowa 70-017 Cigarette Tax Report - In State Distributors
Iowa 70-018 Cigarette Tax Report for Out-Of-State Distributors
Iowa 70-020 Brand Specific Report for All Manufacturers
Iowa 70-022 Tobacco Products Monthly Return for In-State Distributors
Iowa 70-026 Tobacco Products Monthly Tax Return
Iowa PACT Iowa PACT Report
Kansas CG-8 Wholesale Cigarette Dealer's Monthly Report
Kansas EC-2 Consumable Material Monthly Report
Kansas MSA-CIG-1 Sales of Non-Participating Manufacturer Cigarettes in Kansas
Kansas MSA-RYO-2 Sales of Non-Participating Manufacturer (NPM) Roll-your-Own (RYO) Tobacco in Kansas by Out-of-State Distributors
Kansas PA-1 Cigarette PACT Act Report
Kansas PA-2 Tobacco PACT Act Report
Kansas TB-50 Out-of-State Tobacco Products Distributors Selling into Kansas Monthly Report
Kentucky 73A420 Cigarette Tax Return
Kentucky 73A420_NR Cigarette Tax Return - Non-Resident
Kentucky 73A422 Tobacco Tax Return
Kentucky MFTR_RTN Manufacturer Tax Return
Louisiana PA-2 PACT Act
Louisiana R-5604 Tobacco Tax Return
Louisiana R-5608 Tobacco Return for Retail Dealers of Vapor Products
Maine OTP Tax Declaration for Other Tobacco Products
Maine PA-2 State Tobacco / ENDS PACT Act Report
Maine TP-3 Tobacco Products Tax Return
Maryland 610 Other Tobacco Products Tax Return
Maryland Form608 Cigarette Wholesaler Monthly Report of Cigarette Packs and Cigarette Tax Stamps
Maryland Form609 Other Tobacco Products (OTP) Wholesaler Tax Return
Maryland PA-2 State Tobacco / ENDS PACT Act Report
Maryland ECIGT Montgomery County Electronic Cigarettes Tax
Massachusetts Cigar-2 Cigar and Smoking Tobacco Excise Return
Massachusetts CT-MM_T Massachusetts State Tobacco/ENDS Report
Massachusetts CTS-8 Record of Cigarette and Smokeless Tobacco Sales or Disposition
Massachusetts ENDS Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems Excise Return
Michigan 4244 Michigan Wholesalers Other Tobacco Product (OTP) Tax Return
Michigan 4245 Unclassified Acquirers Tobacco Products Return
Michigan 4246 MI Unclassified Acquirers Cigarette Tax Return
Michigan 4855 Monthly PACT Act Report - Cigarette Sales
Michigan 4856 Monthly PACT Act Report - Tobacco Sales Report
Michigan 5746 MI ENDS PACT Act
Michigan 5747 MI Little Cigar PACT Act
Michigan C-106 Cigarette Manufacturer Return
Michigan T-101 Tobacco Products Return
Michigan T-106 Tobacco Products Manufacturer Return
Minnesota CT301 Tobacco Tax Monthly Return
Minnesota CT401 Cigarette Tax Monthly Return - NonResident Distributor
Minnesota PA-1 Cigarette PACT Report
Minnesota PACT State Tobacco PACT Act Report
Mississippi PACT State Tobacco PACT Act Report
Mississippi TOB Tobacco Excise Return for Manufacturers and Suppliers
Missouri 265-20 Consolidated Monthly Cigarette Tax Report (20s Only)
Missouri 265-25 Consolidated Monthly Cigarette Tax Report (25s Only)
Missouri 4342 Other Tobacco Products Monthly Report - Out-of-State Wholesalers Selling into Missouri
Missouri 4387 OTP Monthly Report - Tobacco Products Tax
Missouri 4426-20 Cigarette Wholesaler Monthly Cigarette Tax Report
Missouri 4426-25 Cigarette Wholesaler Monthly Cigarette Tax Report (25s Only)
Missouri 4916 Licensee's Monthly Report of Cigarettes and Roll-Your-Own Tobacco
Missouri 5467 Cigarette Pact Report
Missouri 5468 State Tobacco PACT Act PA-2 Report for Missouri
Missouri MMCR Municipal Monthly Cigarette Report
Montana CT-205 Cigarette Tax
Montana PA-2 State Tobacco / ENDS PACT Act Report
Montana TP-101 Other Tobacco Products and Moist Snuff Tax Return
Nebraska Form_55C Nebraska Cigarette Tax Return
Nebraska Form_56 Nebraska Tobacco Products Tax Return for Products Other than Cigarettes
Nebraska PA-1 Cigarette PACT Report
Nebraska PA-2 Tobacco PACT Report
Nevada OTPTax Other Tobacco Products Excise Tax Return Form #1
Nevada PA-2 State Tobacco / ENDS PACT Act Report
New Hampshire AU-201 Non-Resident Wholesaler Cigarette Tax Report
New Hampshire DP-151 Wholesalers' Other Tobacco Products Tax Return
New Hampshire PACT State PACT Act Report
New Jersey CNR-1 Non-Resident Cigarette Dealer Sales Return
New Jersey PA-2 State Tobacco / ENDS PACT Act Report
New Jersey TPT-10 Tobacco Products Tax Return
New Jersey VB-100 NJ Vapor Business Tax Return
New Mexico PA-2 State Tobacco / ENDS PACT Act Report
New Mexico RPD-41188 NPM Brand Cigarettes Distributed or Sold
New Mexico RPD-41192 Tobacco Products Tax Return
New Mexico RPD-41311 Cigarette Manufacturers Monthly Report
New Mexico RPD-41315 Cigarette Distributor Monthly Report
New York CG-5 Nonresident Agent Cigarette Tax Report
New York MT-203-ATT Information on Roll-Your-Own Cigarette Tobacco Manufactured of Imported by a Distributor
New York MT-203 Distributor of Tobacco Products Tax Return
New York PA-2 State Tobacco / ENDS PACT Act Report
New York City CTX-R Cigarette Tax Activity Report
New York City OTP-R NYC Other Tobacco Products Tax Return (OTP)
New York City PA-2 PACT Act
North Carolina B-A-101 Monthly Other Tobacco Products Excise Tax Return
North Carolina B-A-102 Monthly Vapor Products Excise Tax Return
North Carolina B-A-6 Monthly Return of Nonresident Cigarette Distributor
North Carolina B-A-7 Tobacco Report Tax Paid Products of Nonparticipating Manufacturers
North Carolina PACT State Tobacco PACT Act Report
North Dakota Form_44CT Cigarette and Tobacco Monthly Tax Return
North Dakota PA-1 Cigarette PACT
North Dakota PA-2 State Tobacco / ENDS PACT Act Report
North Dakota SFN Distributor Quarterly Tobacco Shipment Report
Ohio CIG58 Ohio Cigarette Tax Return
Ohio CIG98 Cigarette Manufacturer Report
Ohio MSA60 Master Settlement Agreement Report
Ohio OPAC1 Cigarette PACT Act Report
Ohio OPAT1 State PACT Act Report
Ohio OTP6 Other Tobacco Products (OTP) Tax Return Out-of-State Distributors
Ohio OTP98 Other Tobacco Products (OTP) Manufacturer Report
Oklahoma 16-37 Cigarette/Tobacco Products Monthly Schedule of Purchase and Sale of NPM's Products
Oklahoma CIG50004 Consolidated Monthly Cigarette Return Including Multi-State and Tribal Rates
Oklahoma PA-1 State Tobacco PACT Act Report
Oklahoma PACT Cigarette PACT
Oklahoma TOB50001 Oklahoma Tobacco Products Tax Return
Oregon BSR Quarterly Brand Specific Report for Cigarettes, Roll-Your-Own and Little Cigars Products with Oregon Tax Paid for all Manufacturers
Oregon BSR_SMKL Quarterly Brand Specific Report for Smokeless Tobacco Products with Oregon Tax Paid for all Manufacturers
Oregon OR-530 Oregon Quarterly Tax Return for Tobacco Distributors
Oregon PACT State of Oregon PACT Act - Tobacco Product Sales
Pennsylvania REV-1142 Unstampable Little Cigar Tax Return
Pennsylvania REV-1163 Monthly PACT Act Report - Cigarette Sales Report
Pennsylvania REV-1164 Monthly PACT Act Report - Tobacco Sales Report
Pennsylvania Rev-1808 Licensed Manufacturers, Wholesalers & Retailers Reporting Schedule for Collected Tax on Roll-Your-Own Tobacco (RYO) Sales in Pennsylvania of Non-Participating Manufacturer (NPM) Brands
Pennsylvania REV-679 Tobacco Products Monthly Report
Pennsylvania REV-772 Cigarette Wholesaler Monthly Report
Rhode Island OTP-1 Distributor’s Other Tobacco Products Tax Return
Rhode Island PA-2 PACT Act
Rhode Island T-18 Monthly Report of Non-Resident Cigarette Distributors
South Carolina L-920 Monthly Cigarette Report
South Carolina L930 Monthly Other Tobacco Products (OTP) Tax Return
South Carolina PA-2 PACT
South Carolina SC-PACT State Tobacco PACT Act Report for South Carolina
South Dakota 1972 Cigarette Distributors Monthly Report
South Dakota 1973 Other Tobacco Products Monthly Tax Return for Distributors and Wholesalers
South Dakota 2018 Distributors Quarterly Tobacco Shipment Report
South Dakota PA-1 Cigarette PACT
South Dakota PACT State Tobacco PACT Act Report
Tennessee F1303801 Licensed Distributor Report
Tennessee PACT Tennessee PACT Act Report
Tennessee TOB552 Tennessee Tobacco Products Return
Tennessee TOBRAP Tobacco Retail Accountability Report
Texas 69-100 Texas Distributor Monthly Report of Cigarettes and Stamps
Texas 69-133 Texas Distributor Monthly Report of Cigar and/or Tobacco Products
Texas 69-140 Texas Cigarette/E-Cigarette Delivery Sales Report
Texas PA-1 Cigarette PACT Report
Texas PACT PACT Report
Utah TC-553 Tobacco Products Tax Return
Utah TC-557 State Tobacco PACT Act Report
Vermont CTT-646 Wholesale Cigarette and Tobacco Dealer Report and Tax Return
Vermont PACT State Tobacco PACT Act Report
Virginia PA-2 State Tobacco / ENDS PACT Act Report
Virginia TT-14 Monthly Report of Non-Resident Cigarette Stamping Agent
Virginia TT8 Virginia Tobacco Products Tax Return (OTP)
Washington Excise_Rtn Combined Excise Tax Return
Washington PACT State Tobacco PACT Act Report
Washington SCH_C4_ENDS Schedule C4 ENDS
Washington VTC Vapor Tax Classification
West Virginia PA-2 PACT Act
West Virginia TPT-709 Tobacco Products Tax Report
Wisconsin CT-100 Wisconsin Distributor's Cigarette Tax Return
Wisconsin CT-105 WI Distributor's Cigarette Tax Return
Wisconsin CT-114 Quarterly Report of WI Tax Paid Cigarettes Purchased
Wisconsin TT-100 Wisconsin Distributor's Tobacco and Vapor Products Tax Return
Wyoming 70-1 Cigarette Wholesaler's Monthly Report
Wyoming Form71 Nicotine Products Wholesaler Quarterly Return
Wyoming Form72 Consumer's Cigarette and Tobacco Products Monthly Return
Wyoming PA-2 PACT Act

Oil & Gas Forms

Alabama ALS1&2 Rental Return
Alabama Avenu-MFTR Avenu Monthly Gasoline/Motor Fuels Tax Return
Alabama CLG Alternative Fuel Monthly Tax Return
Alabama IFR Monthly Inspection Fee Return
Alabama LO-1 Lubricating Oil Return
Alabama LPG-FEE LP Gas Fee
Alabama MFSP Motor Fuel Single Point Return
Alabama MFT-3DV Motor Fuel Importer Three Day Payment Voucher
Alabama MFT-BLDR Blender Return
Alabama MFT-BTR Motor Fuel Back Up Tax Report
Alabama MFT-EXPR Exporter Fuel Tax Return
Alabama MFT-IMR Importer Fuel Tax Return
Alabama MFT-SR Supplier/Permissive Supplier Monthly Return
Alabama MFT-TOA Terminal Operator Annual
Alabama MFT-TOM Motor Fuel Terminal Operator Monthly Report
Alabama MFT-TRPR Transporter Fuel Tax Return
Alabama MFT-WOLF Wholesale Oil License Fee
Alabama STTFC Tank Trust Fund Charge
Alabama (Baldwin County) BLD1 Baldwin County Motor Fuel Tax Return
Alabama (City of Montgomery) CI-MONT City of Montgomery Gasoline, Kerosene, Diesel and Motor Fuel Report
Alabama (Jefferson County) MMFTR Monthly Motor Fuels Tax Report For Jefferson County
Alabama (Limestone County) MTR Monthly Tax Return of Limestone County Tax on Gasoline and Motor Fuels
Alabama (Montgomery County) 101-113 Montgomery County Gasoline Monthly Tax Return
Alabama (Montgomery County) 110-134 Montgomery County Motor Fuels (Other Than Gasoline) Monthly Tax Return
Alaska 04-530 Alaska Motor Fuel Tax Return for Diesel
Alaska 04-531 Alaska Motor Fuel Tax Return for Gasoline
Alaska 04-532 Alaska Motor Fuel Tax Return for Aviation Fuel
Alaska 04-533 Alaska Motor Fuel Tax Return for Gasohol
Alberta AT360 Propane Tax Return
Arizona 70-0713 Underground Storage Tank Sales Report
Arizona 96-0152 Use Fuel Vendor Refund
Arizona E120 Supplier and UST Fuel Tax Report
Arizona E140 Monthly Arizona Restricted Distributor Fuel Tax Report
Arkansas AMFT-13(F) Distillate First Receiver
Arkansas AMFT-13(I) Distillate Importer
Arkansas AMFT-22(F) Gasoline First Receiver
Arkansas AMFT-22(I) Gasoline Importer
Arkansas AMFT-4 Licensed LPG Supplier
Arkansas AMFT-56(A) Petroleum Environment Fee Report
Arkansas AMFT-T1 Motor Fuels Terminal Report
Arkansas AMFT_DD Dyed Diesel Report
Arkansas ET-1 Excise Tax Return
California CDTFA-120 Notice Of Credit For Bad Debt Losses
California CDTFA-501-AV Vendor Use Fuel Tax Return
California CDTFA-501-DB Exempt Bus Operator Diesel Fuel Tax Return
California CDTFA-501-DD Supplier of Diesel Fuel Tax Return
California CDTFA-501-MJ Air Jet Fuel Dealer Tax Return
California CDTFA-501-OA Oil Spill Prevention and Administration Fee Return
California CDTFA-501-PS Supplier of Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax Return
California CDTFA-501-TK Underground Storage Tank Maintenance Fee Return
California CDTFA-506-PC Petroleum Carrier Report
California CDTFA-506-PO Terminal Operator Report
Canada B200 Canada Federal Return
Canada N15 Application For Refund/Rebate
Colorado DR7003 Carrier Report
Colorado DR7050 Distributor Tax Return Worksheet
Colorado TOR Terminal Operator
Connecticut AU-726 Motor Vehicle Fuels Exporter Monthly Report
Connecticut AU-750 Export or Import Schedule of Petroleum Products
Connecticut CT-1120K Business Tax Credit Summary
Connecticut MVF-3 Terminal Operator Return
Connecticut O-MF Motor Vehicle Fuels Tax Return
Connecticut OP-161 Petroleum Products Gross Earnings Tax Return
Connecticut OP-216 Special Fuel Tax Return
Delaware JFT-1 Licensed Aviation Jet Fuel Supplier
Delaware LM49501 Monthly Petroleum Gross Receipts Tax Return
Delaware LQ49501 Quarterly Petroleum Gross Receipts Tax Return
Delaware MFT-1 Licensed Motor Fuel Distributor Tax Return
Delaware SF-9 Licensed Special Fuel Supplier Tax Return
Delaware TR_55-02 Motor Fuel Transporter
District of Columbia FR-400M Motor Fuel Tax Return
EIA EIA-782C Monthly Report of Prime Supplier Sales of Petroleum Products Sold for Local Consumption
EIA EIA-804 Weekly Imports Report
EIA EIA-805 Weekly Bulk Terminal and Blender Report
EIA EIA-814 Monthly Imports Report
EIA EIA-815 Monthly Bulk Terminal Report
EIA EIA-821 Annual Oil and Kerosene Sales Report Reference Year 2017
ExStars 720-CS Carrier Summary Report
ExStars 720-TO Terminal Operator Report
Florida DR-182 Air Carrier Fuel Tax Return
Florida DR-309631 Terminal Supplier Fuel Tax Return
Florida DR-309632 Wholesaler/ Importer Fuel Tax Return
Florida DR-309635 Blender Fuel Tax Report
Florida DR-309636 Terminal Operator Return
Florida DR-309637 Petroleum Carrier Information Return
Florida DR-309638 Exporter Fuel Tax Return
Florida DR-904 Pollutants Tax Return
Georgia GUST Environmental Assurance Fee
Georgia MFD-04 Motor Fuel Tax Report
Hawaii M-20A Monthly Return of Liquid Fuel Tax (State and County) and Environmental Response, Energy and Food Security Tax
Hawaii M22 Quarterly Tax Return for Additional Fuel Taxes Due
Idaho R1450S Idaho Distributor's Fuel Tax Report
Idaho R1452S Idaho Terminal Report
Illinois CMFT-1 County Motor Fuel Return
Illinois IPERC IPERC Remittance Report
Illinois RMFT-144 Alternative Fuels Return
Illinois RMFT-22 Common Carrier's Report of Motor Fuel Delivered
Illinois RMFT-5-US Underground Storage Tank Tax and Environmental Impact Fee Receiver Return
Illinois RMFT-5_R Motor Fuel Distributor/Supplier Tax Return
Illinois RMFT-71 Liquefied Petroleum Gas Tax Return
Illinois (Bartonville) MMFTR Bartonville Municipal Motor Fuel Tax Return
Illinois (Bedford Park) LMFTRF Local Motor Fuel Tax Remittance Form
Illinois (Cicero) VFT Cicero Monthly Retail Motor Fuel Tax Return
Illinois (City of Chicago) 7577 City of Chicago Vehicle Fuel Tax
Illinois (City of Manhattan) MMFTR Manhattan Motor Fuel Tax Return
Illinois (Cook County) CC-DSL Cook County Diesel Fuel Tax Return
Illinois (Cook County) CC-GAS Cook County Gasoline Tax Return
Illinois (Des Plaines) MMFTR Monthly Motor Fuel Tax Return
Illinois (Elwood) MR-MFT Elwood Monthly Retail Motor Fuel Tax Return
Illinois (Evergreen Park) MR-VFT Evergreen Park Vehicle Fuel Tax Return
Illinois (Gilman) LMFT City of Gilman Local Motor Fuel Tax Retail Remittance Return
Illinois (Harvey) MFTR Harvey Vehicle Fuel Tax Monthly Report
Illinois (Joliet) MFTR Motor Fuel Tax Return
Illinois (Markham) MFTR Markham Vehicle Fuel Tax Monthly Report
Illinois (Shorewood) LMFTR Local Motor Fuel Tax Remittance Form
Illinois (Vernon) MMFTD Municipal Motor Fuel Tax - Diesel Return Form
Illinois (Village of Bolingbrook) MROS Village of Bolingbrook Monthly Report of Sale of Motor Fuel
Indiana AVF-150 Aviation Fuel Excise Tax
Indiana FT-501 Terminal Operator's Monthly Return
Indiana GT-103 Gasoline Use Tax
Indiana GT-103DR Gasoline Use Tax Recap
Indiana MF-360 Consolidated Gasoline Monthly Tax Return
Indiana SF-401 Transporter's Monthly Tax Return
Indiana SF-900 Consolidated Special Fuel Monthly Tax Return
Iowa 81-010A Iowa Fuel Tax Monthly Return for LNG and CNG
Iowa 82-012 Iowa Fuel Tax Overpaid or Underpaid on Blended Fuel
Iowa 82-053a Retailers Fuel Gallons Annual Report
Iowa CCR Common Carrier Report
Iowa PERC Iowa PERC Remittance Report
Iowa SDR Supplier/Distributor Report
Iowa TOR Terminal Operator Report
Kansas CT-9U Kansas Retailers' Compensating Use Tax Return
Kansas KanPERC PERC Remittance Report
Kansas MF-202 Liquified Petroleum Motor Fuel Tax Return
Kansas MF-206 Liquid Fuel Carrier Petroleum Products Report
Kansas MF-52 Distributors Tax Return
Kansas MF-7 Petroleum Products Inspection Reports with Assurance Fee
Kansas MF-7a Petroleum Products Inspection Reports without Assurance Fee
Kansas MF-90 Motor Fuel Retailer's Informational Return
Kentucky 72A011 Petroleum Storage Tank Environmental Assurance Fee
Kentucky 72A089 Licensed Gasoline Dealer's Monthly Report
Kentucky 72A098 Transporter`s Report of Motor Fuel Delivered
Kentucky 72A138 Licensed Special Fuel Dealer's Monthly Report
Kentucky 72A161 Liquefied Petroleum Gas Dealer
Kentucky 72A170 Monthly Terminal Report
Louisiana R-5346 Motor Fuel Transporter
Louisiana R-5347 Aviation Fuel Dealer
Louisiana R-5385 Terminal Operator Annual Report
Louisiana R-5393 Terminal Operator Monthly Return
Louisiana R-5397 Supplier/Permissive Supplier Monthly Return
Louisiana R-5398 Distributor/Exporter/Blender Monthly Return
Louisiana R-5399 Importer Monthly Return
Louisiana UST-MFDR-1 Underground Storage Fee
Maine GSHR Gasoline Distributor Annual Shrinkage Allowance Computation
Maine GT5 Gasoline Distributor Return
Maine OCS Monthly Report Form Of Transportation of Petroleum Products by Highway or Railroad
Maine SFS1 Special Fuel Supplier/Retailer Tax Return
Maine SFU1 Special Fuel Users Tax Report
Maine SSHR Special Fuel Supplier Annual Shrinkage Allowance Computation
Maryland 775 Petroleum Transporter Report
Maryland MDE-LAND Oil Transfer Fee Report
Maryland MFT-012 Dealer Tax Return
Maryland MFT-013 Special Fuel User/Seller Tax Return
Maryland MFT-051 Co-Mingled Storage Return
Massachusetts AF-1 Aviation Gasoline Tax Return
Massachusetts Form 500 Underground Storage Tank Report
Massachusetts GT-456 Gasoline Tax Return
Massachusetts JFT-4S Aircraft (Jet) Fuel Supplier Tax Return
Massachusetts OR-1 Uniform Oil Response and Prevention Fee
Massachusetts SFT-3-B Supplier's Tax Return - Special Fuels
Michigan 3715 Carrier's Monthly Report; Pipeline
Michigan 3716 Terminal Operator Monthly Report
Michigan 3724 Transporter Quarterly Report
Michigan 3769 Retail Marine Diesel Dealer Return
Michigan 3791 Blender Monthly Tax Return
Michigan 3877 Terminal Operator Annual Return
Michigan 3978 Fuel Supplier Return
Michigan 3992 Fuel Importer Return
Michigan 4004 Exporter Quarterly Report
Michigan 577 Dealer's Liquid Petroleum Gas Tax Return
Minnesota PAF-1 Alternative Fuel Tax Return
Minnesota PDA-45E Ethanol Production Report
Minnesota PDA-46 Minnesota Gasoline Distributor Tax Return
Minnesota PDA-49 Minnesota Special Fuel Distributor Tax Return
Minnesota PDR-1AV Aviation Fuel Tax Claim for Refund
Minnesota PEPSC Minnesota Propane Education Promotion and Safety Council
Minnesota PF1 Propane Fee Return
Minnesota TOR Terminal Operator
Mississippi 74-001-04-1 Monthly Gasoline Tax Return
Mississippi 74-021-04-1 Mississippi Compressed Gas Tax Return
Mississippi 74-024-04-1 Environmental Protection Fee Return
Mississippi 74-070-04-1 Mississippi Special Fuel Tax Return
Mississippi 74-072-99-1 Carrier Tax Return
Mississippi MFCR_Diesel Motor Fuel By City Report - Diesel
Mississippi MFCR_Gas Motor Fuel By City Report - Gasoline
Mississippi MS-1 Lubricating Oil Return
Mississippi MSFUT Gas User Return
Missouri 4757 Distributor's Monthly Tax Report
Missouri 4782 Transporter Report
Missouri 572 Supplier/Permissive Supplier's Monthly Tax Report
Missouri 575 Terminal Operator Report
Montana MF-11LPG LPG Dealer Tax Return
Montana MF-11NG CNG Dealer Return
Montana MF-32 Distributors Return
Nebraska FORM73 Monthly Fuels Tax Return
Nebraska FORM83 Ethanol and Biodiesel Producer
Nebraska FORM87 Terminal Operator
Nevada MC038 Fuel Supplier/ Dealer Tax Return
Nevada MC072 CNG/LPG/LNG Dealer Tax Return
Nevada TOR Terminal Operator
New Hampshire AFD1 Alternative Fuels Dealer Report
New Hampshire BDF1 Biodiesel Fuel Distribution Report
New Hampshire MFD1 Motor Fuel & Aviation Fuel Distribution Report
New Hampshire RT113 Motor Fuel & Petroleum Products Transporters Report
New Hampshire RT51 Oil Discharge & Pollution Control Report
New Jersey DMF-10 Distributor of Motor Fuels Tax Return
New Jersey MFA-12 Import Verification Tax Return
New Jersey MFA-4 Export Certificate
New Jersey OMF-10 Terminal Operator Annual
New Jersey OMF-11 Terminal Operator Report
New Jersey PPT-10 Petroleum Products Gross Receipts Tax Return
New Jersey PPT-40 Petroleum Products Gross Receipts Tax Return
New Jersey PPT-41 Petroleum Products Gross Receipts Tax Monthly Remittance
New Jersey SCC-5 Spill Compensation and Control Tax
New Jersey SMF10 Supplier of Motor Fuels Report
New Jersey TMF-10 Transporter of Motor Fuels Report
New Mexico CRS-1 Gross Receipts
New Mexico RPD-41164 Alternative Fuel Excise Tax Return
New Mexico RPD-41306 Combined Fuel Tax Report
New Mexico RPD-41307 Rack Operator Report
New Mexico RPD-41308 Fuel Retailer Report
New York FT-941 Terminal Operator
New York FT-942 Diesel Motor Fuel and Motor Fuel Transporter’s Monthly Report
New York MOSF Major Petroleum License Fee Secondary Transfer Certificate
New York PT-100 Petroleum Business Tax Return
New York PT-101 Tax on Motor Fuel
New York PT-102 Tax on Diesel Motor Fuel
New York PT-103 Tax on Residual Petroleum Product
New York PT-104 Tax on Kero-Jet Fuel
New York PT-106 Retailers of Non-Highway Diesel Motor Fuel Only
New York PT-200 Quarterly Petroleum Business Tax Return
NORA NORA-782C Report Of Prime Wholesaler/Supplier of Oil Heat
North Carolina GAS-1202 Motor Fuel Supplier
North Carolina GAS-1204 Motor Fuel Terminal Operator
North Carolina GAS-1206 Motor Fuel Claim for Refund Exempt Entities
North Carolina GAS-1209 Motor Fuel Terminal Operator Annual
North Carolina GAS-1210 Kerosene Claim for Refund
North Carolina GAS-1219 Motor Fuel Importer
North Carolina GAS-1239 Motor Fuel Exporter
North Carolina GAS-1252 Alternative Fuels Provider Return
North Carolina GAS-1259 Motor Fuel Tax Backup
North Carolina GAS-1260 Blender Return
North Carolina GAS-1264 Fuel Alcohol and Biodiesel Provider
North Carolina GAS-1288 Kerosene Supplier
North Carolina GAS-1301 Motor Fuel Transporter
North Dakota H01 Aviation Fuel Tax Report
North Dakota J01 Special Fuel Tax Report
North Dakota J11 Liquified Petroleum Gas Tax Report
North Dakota S01 Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax Report
North Dakota TOR Terminal Operator Report
Ohio CC2 Carrier
Ohio EX2 Exporter
Ohio MF2 Motor Fuel
Ohio PAT PAT Petroleum Activity Tax Return
Ohio TO2 Terminal Operator
Oklahoma 105-US Oklahoma Petroleum Underground Tank Release Environmental Cleanup Indemnity Fund
Oklahoma 130-35 Application for Refund of Ethanol Credit for Retail Dealers
Oklahoma DST-201 Terminal Operator
Oklahoma DST-202 Exporters’ Monthly Report
Oklahoma DST-205 Motor Fuel Suppliers/Permissive Suppliers Monthly Tax Calculation
Oklahoma DST-210 Motor Fuel Occasional Importer Monthly Tax Calculation
Oklahoma DST-214 Bonded Importer
Oklahoma DST-217 Motor Fuel Tank Wagon Importer
Oklahoma DST-220 Blender Return
Oklahoma LPGRMSC_Form1 Loading Rack Operator's LP Gas Sales Assessment Report and Remittance Form
Oklahoma LPGRMSC_Form5 Importers Assessment Report and Remittance Form
Ontario FT815 Fuel Tax Importer/Exporter Return
Ontario FT819 Fuel Tax Interjurisdictional Transporter Return
Ontario FT826 Fuel Tax Railway Return
Ontario GT61 Gasoline Tax Importer/Exporter Return
Ontario GT63 Gasoline Tax Interjurisdictional Transporter Return
Oregon 150-608-002 Oregon Petroleum Load Fee Quarterly Return
Oregon 734-2831 Use Fuel Bulk Distributor Report
Oregon 734-2920 Terminal Report
Oregon 734-2921 Carrier Report
Oregon 735-1302 Motor Vehicle Fuel and Aircraft Fuel Dealer Tax Report
Oregon 735-1302P-D Motor Vehicle Fuel Dealer Tax Report - Portland
Oregon 735-1302P-S Motor Vehicle Fuel Seller Tax Report - Portland
Oregon 735-1302P-U Motor Vehicle Fuel User Fuel User Tax Report - Portland
Oregon 735-1334 Use Fuel Seller Tax Report
Pennsylvania DMF-101 Alternative Fuels Tax Report
Pennsylvania DMF-26 Monthly Carrier's Report of Liquid Fuel and Fuels Delivered
Pennsylvania REV-1096A Motor Fuels Tax Report
Pennsylvania USTIF USTIF Monthly Gallon Fee Report Statement
PERC PERC Propane Education and Research Council Report
Rhode Island EPRF-1 Environmental Protection Regulatory Fee Quarterly Return
Rhode Island MFT-1 Motor Fuel Distributor`s Tax Return
Rhode Island MFT-EP Motor Fuel Export Permittee Report
Rhode Island T-12 Motor Fuel Special Distributor Tax Report
Rhode Island UORF-1 Uniform Oil Response and Prevention Fee Monthly Return
South Carolina L-2098 Motor Fuel Terminal Operator Monthly Return
South Carolina L-2101 Motor Fuel Terminal Operator Annual Return
South Carolina L-2105 Motor Fuel Bonded Importers
South Carolina L-2107 Motor Fuel Occasional Importer
South Carolina L-2110 Motor Fuel Tankwagon Importer
South Carolina L-2112 Exporter Return
South Carolina L-2114 Fuel Vendor
South Carolina L-2115 Fuel Blender
South Carolina L-2117 Tare Allowance Refund App
South Carolina L-2119 Motor Fuel Supplier
South Carolina L-2123 Miscellaneous Motor Fuel Return
South Carolina L-2176 Fuel Transporter
South Carolina L-2195 Motor Fuel Manufacturers Return
South Dakota 592-PRDB Biodiesel Producer Return
South Dakota 592-PRDE Ethanol Producer Return
South Dakota FORM573 Marketer Refund Return
South Dakota MV-594BLD Blender's Tax Return
South Dakota MV-594IMPEX Importer & Exporter Return
South Dakota MV-595 Supplier Tax Return
Tennessee BUS424 Tennessee Department of Revenue Out-of-State Business Tax Return
Tennessee PET350 Distributor Monthly Fuel Tax Return
Tennessee PET355 Dealer's Liquified Gas Tax Return
Tennessee PET366 Compressed Natural Gas User's Tax Return
Tennessee PET368 Blender`s Return
Tennessee PET372 Petroleum Products Terminal Return
Tennessee PET373 Petroleum Products Transporter Return
Tennessee PET374 Annual Terminal Return
Tennessee PET375 Tennessee Department of Revenue Wholesaler Application for Refund of Tax on Motor Fuels
Tennessee PET377 Exporter Tax Return & Claim For Refund
Tennessee PET386 Dealer's Compressed Natural Gas Return
Texas 06-126 LPG Dealer Report
Texas 06-128 Motor Fuel Transporter Report
Texas 06-162 Terminal Operator Report
Texas 06-168-DD Diesel Fuel Distributors
Texas 06-168-DFS Report for Diesel Fuel Suppliers
Texas 06-168-DFS Report for Diesel Fuel Suppliers - Amended
Texas 06-168-DPS Report for Diesel Fuel Permissive Suppliers
Texas 06-168-GD Report for Gasoline Distributor
Texas 06-168-GPS Report for Gasoline Permissive Suppliers
Texas 06-168-GS Report for Gasoline Suppliers
Texas 06-168-GS_A Report for Gasoline Suppliers - Amended
Texas 64-100 Delivery Fee Report
United States 720 Quarterly Federal Excise Tax Return
United States 8849 Claim for Refund of Excise Taxes
United States CBP_Form_349 Harbor Maintenance Fee Quarterly Summary Report
Utah TC-109 Fuel Tax Return
Utah TC-111 Transporter’s Report of Imported Motor Fuels
Vermont CVO-102 Distributor Fuel Tax Return
Virginia FT218 Fuel Tax and Tank Fee Assessment
Virginia FT448 Virginia Fuel Tax Distributor Report
Virginia FT451 Supplier/Distributor Report
Virginia FT457 Terminal Report
Virginia FT461 Motor Fuel Transporter Report
Virginia FT465 Virginia Fuels Tax Aviation Consumer's Report
Virginia FT468 Virginia Fuels Tax Importer's Report
Virginia FTWR Virginia Fuels Tax Wholesale Report
Washington Excise_Rtn Combined Excise Tax Return
Washington FT-441-006 Jet Fuel Tax Return
Washington FT-441-863 Terminal Operator Report
Washington FT-441-864 Aircraft Distributor Tax Return
Washington FT-441-865 Fuel Blender Tax Return
Washington FT-441-866 Distributor Tax Return
Washington FT-441-867 Supplier Tax Return
Washington FT-441-868 Fuel Carrier Report
West Virginia MFR-14G-FL Motor Fuel Tax Refund Application Government Federal/Local
West Virginia MFR-14G-ST Motor Fuel Tax Refund Application Government State
West Virginia MFT-501 Motor Fuel Distributor Report
West Virginia MFT-504 Supplier / Permissive Supplier
West Virginia MFT-505 Blender Report
West Virginia MFT-507 Transporter Report
West Virginia MFT-508 Motor Fuel Importer Report
West Virginia MFT-511 West Virginia Motor Fuel Exporter Report
Wisconsin MF-002 Monthly Fuel Summary Report
Wisconsin MF-007 Alternate Fuels Dealer/User
Wisconsin MF-011 Licensed General Aviation Fuel Dealer or User Report
Wisconsin MF-017 Wisconsin Blender's Fuel Report
Wyoming CAR-01 Wyoming Common Carrier
Wyoming DIE Distributor
Wyoming SPL Supplier Monthly Tax Return